Heartworm Testing

Heartworms have been diagnosed in all 50 states, and this condition is especially prevalent in Alabama. Mosquitoes are responsible for transmission of heartworms from an infected animal to other animals, including dogs and cats. In the Calera and Birmingham areas, mosquitoes are especially prevalent, as is heartworm disease.

Airport Veterinary Hospital follows the yearly testing recommendations set forth by the American Heartworm Society. Testing is recommended for all dogs of unknown heartworm status, such as an adopted dog, as well as dogs on prevention, to insure pets have not been infected by heartworms in spite of the medication. Dr. Buchanan can quickly and accurately test your dog for heartworms, using a simple blood test. We can determine whether or not your dog is infected with heartworms while you wait at our clinic.

The best weapon against heartworm disease is to use one of the preventatives available at our practice. Dr. Buchanan can consult with you to determine which product is right for your dog. Put your mind at ease by having your dog heartworm tested at Airport Veterinary Hospital.