Pain Management

At one time, it was thought that animals experienced pain much differently than people. Fortunately, we now understand that our furry friends can hurt in much the same was as we do. At Airport Veterinary Hospital, we strive to keep all of our patients as comfortable as possible when they encounter painful situations. Pain can be brought on by a number of reasons including surgery, disease, and trauma, such as being hit by a vehicle. Dr. Buchanan attends lectures and educational meetings to insure we offer only the safest and most effective pain management medications and techniques at Airport Veterinary Hospital.

Prior to any surgical procedure, Dr. Buchanan will administer pain medication to prevent as much discomfort as possible. At the conclusion of the surgery, we carefully monitor each animal, and will dose additional pain preventatives as needed.

Regardless of the cause of your pet’s painful condition, our caring veterinarian Dr. Buchanan can help your pet feel better. To have your pet evaluated for pain or to schedule a surgery, please call one of our team members to schedule an appointment at Airport Veterinary Hospital today.