Airport Veterinary Hospital is pleased to offer the latest in surgical equipment and techniques, and serves the Calera and Birmingham areas of Alabama. Our clinic is outfitted with the latest in surgical equipment including a diagnostic laboratory, monitoring analyzers, including blood pressure, heart rate and oxygen levels, as well as advanced surgical equipment.

Prior to all surgical procedures, Dr. Buchanan recommends running blood work on pets 5 years and older to help insure your pet is healthy enough for surgery. Our advanced laboratory can determine the blood chemistry levels to determine the overall health of your furry family member’s liver and kidneys and pancreas. Complete blood counts are also recommended to determine red and white cell counts, as well as platelets. While any veterinary surgery carries a degree of risk, the laboratory at Airport Veterinary Hospital helps to insure that anesthesia is as safe as possible in your pet.

The monitoring equipment at Airport Veterinary Hospital is state-of-the-art. During your pet’s procedure, our experienced doctor and staff continually monitor oxygen levels, blood pressure and heart rate, making sure your pet is safe throughout the surgical event. After surgery, patients are placed in our surgery recovery area where they can recover while being closely monitored by Dr. Buchanan and our staff.

Pets hurt and feel pain in the same way people do. Pain preventative medication is required prior to any surgical event at Airport Veterinary Hospital. Dr. Buchanan keeps all of our furry patients as comfortable as possible during any surgery.

When your pet is in need of surgery ranging from spay and neuters to intricate procedures, you can count on the caring hands of Dr. Buchanan and his compassionate staff. Call one of our experienced team members to schedule your furry family member’s surgery today.