Nutritional Counseling

Just like people, our pets can greatly benefit from a healthy diet and maintaining a proper weight. Airport Veterinary Hospital has a number of diet foods that we recommend, all selected for their nutritional value by Dr. Buchanan. Specialty diets are available as well for pets with unique needs or conditions. Our veterinarian can work with you and your furry friend to determine what type of food is best for them, regardless of their age or condition.

Overweight pets face many of the same issues as people dealing with obesity. Long-term health problems associated with pet obesity include heart disease, high blood pressure, increased risk of certain types of cancer, diabetes, joint damage, and exercise intolerance. Dr. Buchanan can assess your pet to determine the best foods and the proper portions for them.

Dr. Buchanan has many years of successful experience in pet nutritional counseling, and he is here for you and your furry family member as well. Call one of the caring staff at Airport Veterinary Hospital to schedule a nutritional counseling appointment today!