Hospice and Euthanasia

No matter how well we care for our beloved pets, their time with us is limited. While saying goodbye is never easy, Dr. Buchanan and his caring staff at Airport Veterinary Hospital will provide the compassion and care needed during this difficult time.

Dr. Buchanan has many years of experience in determining if your pet can still maintain a quality of life, while utilizing our hospice service. Animals in hospice care will have blood work done as necessary, have their vital signs monitored, and be administered pain prevention when needed.

When the time comes for a final goodbye, Dr. Buchanan and his compassionate staff will care for your beloved pet in a dignified manner. A painless medication is gently administered, so your furry family member will drift off in a final sleep.

Dr. Buchanan has been there for the life of your pet, and he will be there during this final stage as well. If you feel your pet may be beginning to suffer and their time may be near, have your pet assessed at Airport Veterinary Hospital.